Designing a Green New Deal

In order to achieve the Green New Deal's aims for jobs, justice, and decarbonization in the United States, we must engage three key regions: Appalachia, the Midwest, and the Delta. Here, we've painted a picture of a world where the Green New Deal is manifested, with particular focus on how life has evolved with(out) the Prison Industrial Complex, Industrial Agriculture, and the Fossil Fuel Industry.



Appalachia must no longer remain a sacrifice zone. Discover futures of abundance and self-determination.

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Legacies of activism in the Midwest defy the myth of scarcity. Its future fulfills its promise of plenty.

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The Delta cannot continue in cycles of extraction and resistance. Freedom and delight lie in the future ahead.

See the Atlas See the Future



This site is a collection of studio work produced by students at the Weitzman School of Design in Fall 2020. It builds upon the guidelines of the Green New Deal and the efforts of previous students whose work focused on identifying critical regions in the U.S. which must be “won” to achieve the stated aims of the GND’s jobs, justice, and decarbonization agenda. This studio has zoomed in on each of the regions, Appalachia, the Midwest, and the Mississippi Delta, in order to produce a digital “atlas” documenting the regions and a set of “futures” which speculate upon what the material reality of an implemented Green New Deal may look like.